welcome to my hellsite. i'm your captain, fionn. this is always under construction, always a WIP, always a mess. i literally just want to dick around and have fun. i'm here for a good time.

i'm EXTREMELY new to web design and coding in general. that's why this site kinda looks like shit ngl. but i'm learning and that's what counts. (???) something like that.

akito's corner

he's watching my site while i'm gone :)

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  • 1.05.24 : added some odds and ends. i created my about page like two days ago, but forgot to put anything about that here. started working on my personality quizzes. maybe getting a little too ambitious with them, but that's fine. also, my site now has an akito sphere???
  • 01.03.24 : set up my blog using zonelets. kinda basic-looking, but it'll do for now.
  • 12.30.23 : site live, but just the homepage. added self-insert webring. created button.
  • 12.29.23 : site not live yet. first time working on homepage.

to do:

  • create project sekai personality quiz
  • create milgram personality quiz
  • create vocaloid song personality quiz
  • code mobile layout for responsiveness
  • set up blog
  • set up guestbook
  • "about me" page
  • "personality quiz results" page
  • "cool sites" page
  • "links" page
  • "game reviews" section
  • "music reviews" section
  • "shrines" section
  • "my personality quizzes" section